Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hoping for a White Christmas!

Yesterday was a rough one for the east coast. We have at least 18 inches of snow, possibly more since it's still lightly snowing. Most businesses closed as early as possible, including the store I work at (though I left before that). Now I've been following the weather for the past week or so because a few days ago it said rain on Christmas. There is now the possibility of snow which would be wonderful even if it's just a little bit. Here are a few photos of my son from yesterday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Help Out My Friend!

We all know smoking is bad for you, even if you're a smoker yourself. My friend made a group on facebook so if enough people join he'll quit. It would be much better if he could do it on his own but I strongly believe in not smoking and I would be grateful if everybody could join. Please click the link below and join!

Click Here to View the Group and Join!

Shop of the Week 12/09/09

It's only natural that I feature another photographer on my blog at least once! I'm sure there will be plenty more though.

This week's shop is the wonderfully talented leaca. I love how soft and subtle her images are, they would be perfect to frame and put anywhere in your home or office!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Giveaway Coming Soon!

As soon as I get my next package in the mail I will be having a giveaway! You must be subscribed to this blog to be eligible to win, so tell all your friends! I'm also looking for other people to contribute as well so just comment here or send me an email at

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Just the other day I started to help my mom set up her etsy shop. I took all the photos and loaded them up for her. Her shop has great hand made jewelry that she takes a lot of time to create. I've seen her process and it's very involved. She finds the beads she wants and lays them out in a well thought out pattern before she strings the jewelry. She has items that are great for all different types of people and her prices range to fit any budget. Please check out her work! I know she's been waiting a long time to get things going with her business.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shop of the Week 12/02/09

Today is a very exciting day! I'm posting my first installment of the Shop of the Week. Every Wednesday I will post a shop from etsy that will be featured to the left for a whole week!

This week I'm featuring a very talented artist who just started with etsy. Drying and pressing flowers can be pretty difficult if you don't know how to do it. Every time I tried to do it when I was younger they got all moldy! So this week I present to you: DriedFlowers!

If you would like to be featured for the Shop of the Week please send my a conversation on etsy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Perfect Shot

I don't think that there is such a thing as the perfect shot in photography and a lot of photographers will probably agree. I even wrote a paper for school about taking great shots and one of the first lines explained that there's no perfect shot! With any type of art, it may be perfect in one persons eye but have many flaws in the eyes of another.

There are so many great tips that I've learned so far. I also know that I will learn a whole lot more about photography as I gain experience and make my way through school. One of the best things I've learned is to take as many photos as you can! Sometimes you may take 300 photos but only get 10 good ones. Any professional photographer can tell you this tip.

Now, can everybody tell me what you think is good and bad about this photo of my son that I took?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Custom Made

Selling on etsy can be tough but from what I've seen once you're established things get rolling fast. Since I sell my photography prints I needed to think of some things that would appeal to the buyers more. People love things that are made for them! I've created a couple options to boost my sales and get the customer what they want!

Here are some items from my shop, including my normal prints and the custom ones!


Hi everybody! My name is Shannon and I'm an amateur photographer. I have another blog (Confessions of a Gaming Mom) and I'm not the best at updating it, but from all the sites I see blogging is a great way to promote your business.

For those of you that don't know me yet:
I am going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online for my Bachelor's in Photography
I'm from New Jersey
I live with my boyfriend and we have a son who's now 19 months
My dad and brother also live with us
I work at GameStop
I get distracted very easily, especially when doing school work

Those are just a few random things about me, I'm sure you'll learn more as I post more.